09.02.2020 - TRACKDAY CALAFAT · 25 / 26.04.2020 - STANCE WEEKEND

EuroCrew Stance Weekend (ECSW) is the show that represents the crew. It was launched in 2016 and from the first year we have surpassed our own expectations, and the show turned a landmark for the Spanish Portuguese and French car scene.


For the first three years, the show took place close to Valencia, located in L'Eliana, in the "Parque de la Pinada" to be precise. But due to the incresing attendence we had to seek new venue for 2019.

During this three previous year we have grown up in the Spanish car scene, on every edition of the EuroCrew Stance Weekend we have raised our standards in every aspect of the event developing, offering the best possible experience to project owners, sponsors, partners and general public.

Last year we had 200 quality builds, 15 partners supporting the show, and the ILB Drivers Club Team filming the Official Video. We have seen year after year how the number of international attendees is increasing, receiving drivers from different parts of Europe. We are also growing up in public attendance, topping nearly 5K people on our last show.

The new venue for 2019 is one of the largest exhibition areas in Spain, we'll display the show in an indoor hall of 12.000 square meters. We estimate around 300 good quality builds, some of the bests automotive partners and more than 10.000 visitors in a two days Show & Shine.

The show ends with the award ceremony, where the EuroCrew team, the attendats and some international judges choose the best cars of the show.

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